Smoking Cessation

Hooray!! You want to quit smoking and you’ve come to the right place. Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to giving up smoking  and any other unwanted habits. You might be pleased to know that the myth that smoking is highly addictive is just that – a myth. In fact the addictive part is just 10% and 90% is all in the mind and this means that it is a habit that can be broken if you are 100% committed to breaking that habit.

Do you smoke because you believe that smoking helps reduce stress and anxiety and helps you to relax? Then you might be surprised to learn that smoking is actually a major cause of stress & anxiety?

During a single 90 minute (approx) session I explain how your brain has stored this habit and encourages you to repeat it. As long as you are willing and motivated then I can help you re-educate your brain by using positive suggestion so that your desire to smoke is removed and you leave as a non smoker.

Your life will certainly be enhanced by giving up smoking, both physically and mentally.

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