Phobias & Fears

Most of us have a fear of something but when it starts to affect our everyday lives then it can become a problem. If it causes us to experience physical and mental feelings or behaviours which make us feel uncomfortable, then we are probably talking about a phobia. A phobia can lead to avoidance of a situation, place or activity.

If you want to overcome your particular phobia then I can help by using a successful and well researched NLP technique called Rewind & Reframe. In the relaxed state we can remove the phobia template from the brain using the rewind technique and then replace it with a new template with the reframe technique.

This usually takes place within 3 sessions if it is a specific phobia like flying, spiders, water etc.  Every step is carefully explained before the session and any questions are answered.

For more information on the Rewind & Reframe technique click on the link below

What are you waiting for – start taking control and doing all those things you thought you would never do.

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