Client Testimonials

 Client Testimonials

Fear of flying

“Having never been a keen flyer I listened to one of Carolyn’s recordings to help me with an up and coming holiday flight and was amazed at the effect and outcome it had on me. A couple of days before the flight I took time twice to relax and listen to her recording and then again at the airport two hours before the flight going out and then again on the return flight. I felt so relaxed it felt amazing and can honestly state that I have never enjoyed two flights the way I did in my entire life. I felt calm no nerves and for once actually enjoyed a plane journey with my family. If you have a phobia of any sorts no matter how trivial you may think then give this a go you’ll be surprised how effective it can be …….. it most certainly helped me with my fear of flying. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

L – London

Sleep problems

I went to the to Carolyn’s for sleep problems but through her understanding and and listening discovered other deep seated anxietys. The sessions really helped my sleeping and confidence. Thank you so much

H – Hemel Hempstead


“I started seeing Carolyn to get help with reducing and managing anxiety. Anxiety had been a persistent issue for me which at times made simple things really difficult along with making me feel low and down as a result. Facing it alone is never easy as you don’t entirely understand what’s happening in your mind and body. Carolyn was able to explain this to me very well and make it simple and understandable. I liked how the sessions were not focused on re-living negative events from the past, but rather on the present moment. The attitude and way of thinking was ‘where are we now and what will we do to get us where we want to be?’ which was a very effective way to go about it. Carolyn made me feel relaxed and easy during the sessions and she was able to guide me towards a path where I would learn how to put and keep myself in the best states possible. I liked how each session would focus on the positives that had happened since the last session and on what we could improve, so the whole thing felt like a little journey where we were building and moving down this positive path. I can say that I am definitely in a better state than I was before I started seeing Carolyn and am equipped with useful knowledge and know-how which has helped me understand, manage and live with less anxiety. I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling and is unsure of how to deal with/go about these kinds of issues as she can steer you into the right direction. Thank you Carolyn.

S -Leighton Buzzard

Confidence Building

Hello Carolyn ,
I’ve been meaning to message you for a while now just to say thank you . A couple of years ago around this time I came to you for help with a few things . I had a few hypnotherapy sessions with you . At the time I was studying childcare, I wasn’t happy with my weight and self confidence was low . You helped me focus a lot and re-think a few things .

Well today I’m 4 stone lighter than when I first met you , I now hold a level 2 in childcare and my confidence is getting stronger . I decided not long after I met you to try contact lenses as I had issues with confidence and I love them, ha ha but it’s made it easier to actually have confidence wearing my glasses out how does that make sense lol.

Thank you so much I truly believe if I didn’t come to you for support I wouldn’t of achieved anything. Thank you again for listening, understanding and guiding me . I still listen to your tape whenever I’m doubting myself.

M – Hemel Hempstead

Reducing anxiety

“I am really glad I made the decision to contact Carolyn for help with anxiety.
The therapy was very helpful at showing me how I could change my unhelpful thoughts into positive ones.  I feel very positive about the future.”

Unable to sleep

“I am so glad I came to you for hypnotherapy.  My sleep problem had been ongoing problem for over twenty years – coming to you has enabled me to realise so much about how the brain works and how it can be reprogrammed to think in a different way.  The sessions with you have helped hugely!  I am now able to fall asleep at night, when before I would lie awake for three or four hours.

I’m so happy that I am now sleeping, it’s such a good feeling to feel ‘normal’ during the day (by normal I mean not tired).  I am able to function so much better and cope with life much easier.

Being able to sleep is life changing.”

Thanks again
M – Watford
Improved sports performance

“My name is Len and I was an Essex County  A team darts player from 1980 – 1995 when I retired from playing. I decided to make a comeback after not playing for 18 years and was told by people that I knew from those days that I would not lose my talent and would play to the same level but I soon realised that their expectations were very ambitious.
I had forgotten how to hold my darts, the weight of them felt different in my hand and most surprising was the lack of confidence I felt. For the next 2 years I continued to play twice a week trying to improve but I was nowhere near the level I was before. What didn’t help was that I was unable to control the nerves and my hand shaking. I was not coping with defeat and ended up putting so much pressure on myself. I ended up in a vicious circle because the more I lost, the worse things got.
From the very first session of hypnotherapy I had with Carolyn things got better. We talked about how I used to prepare for games and how to use that when playing now. Carolyn helped me to relax and visualise how I wanted things to be and I have to say when I played the following week I was a lot calmer, more focused and the shakes had gone.
My confidence has continued to grow and I am back to my winning form as my game continues to improve. I was sceptical at first but hypnotherapy has worked for me and I am extremely grateful to Carolyn.”
Len – Chelmsford

Smoking cessation

“Dear Carolyn, Thank you for investing your time in me. I want you to know that I’m standing firm thanks to your efforts.”
R. –  Bovingdon

Stress & anxiety

“My husband says he has his old wife back. I feel like I can cope with anything and I’ve lost over a stone in weight. My IBS symptoms have been reduced and my tinnitus has faded to the background.”
A. – Bovingdon

Anxiety, fear of being alone at home

“The therapy has really helped. I’m much more relaxed in my own company. Only last night I was home alone (& upstairs) when I had a fleeting thought and then it went. I will definitely try the relaxation during my labour. Want to keep as calm as possible.
I really am very grateful to you for all your help because I hardly ever get migraines now & I’m a lot less stressed. I don’t think my partner and I would be together still if it wasn’t for you. It’s completely true. Never underestimate the impact you’ve had.
I will happily recommend you to others”
E – Markyate

Anxiety & confidence for riding

“I am so glad that I came to you for hypnotherapy. It has made such a difference to my outlook on life and has changed the way I approach any new challenge. Getting a young horse even though I have ridden for years has been an up hill climb as i was constantly worried about riding him and was not enjoying the experience at all. I could easily put off riding him as I would be forecasting all the things that could go wrong instead of trusting my ability as a rider.

I now have a new confidence in my abilities not only as a rider but in all things in my life and can now appreciate my achievements. Even if occasionally the old way of thinking tries to slip back you have given me the tools to deal with that negative thinking and I feel as if a burden has been lifted.
I can highly recommend you and the whole process as it has been so rewarding.”
T –  Bovingdon

Fear of heights

“Hi Carolyn
Well what can I say I did it and it’s all thanks to you. I went to the top of Yosemite and enjoyed every minute of it. I had the most fantastic trip just as you said I would and here’s the proof. Thanks again for everything you have done for me”
M – Hemel Hempstead


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