Weight Loss & Management

Weight Loss – A Mindset Approach

Weight loss isn’t easy and keeping it off is even harder so if you have been yo-yo dieting for as long as you can remember then A Mindset Approach could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

You can learn to change your habits for good and lose weight without a restrictive diet.

The Mindset Approach

The course runs over 3 sessions, allowing time for discussion, learning and putting it all into practice with lots of support.

  • Understand how and why your unwanted cravings and eating habits become hard-wired into your brain
  • Learn how to adjust your thought patterns, break habits and change them permanently.
  • Discover how this process can be easy and stress free
  • Put changes into action immediately
  • Learn relaxation techniques with a CD to take home to help motivation

There are no weigh-ins, no forbidden foods, no counting or weighing. This course is about taking control around food in all situations.

This is not a quick fix but with better understanding of what is going on in your brain you can change.

Total cost of course which includes handouts, tips, relaxation CD and support is £95

Fee to be paid at time of booking which secures your place.

Small groups no bigger than 4 or one-to-one.

Contact me now to find out more and to book your place on a course.

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